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The 420 Thread
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Joined: 8th Jun 2012
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25th Aug 2012

This is for the stoners of the clan. I want to know who smokes here. I'm hoping enough for a stoner event "HIGH QUESTING" and "BAKED AnD" etc.

Anyways to start our highness what's your favorite type of bud (Sativa = Head high, Indica = Body High, Hybrid= both)
Me I like intense head highs with Sativa, but sometimes I crave a good indica. Hybrid is the best of both worlds so..

What pieces do you have/How do you smoke your cannabis?
I had a 7 arm tree perc SYN Bubbler but it died RIP so now I use my good ol' bowl Rook Tanenbaum. I have a stone one-hitter and a box vape too (needs a new whip). And of course, I have my Cali Crusher grinder. I roll occaionsally, I used to only roll. I need a bong now.

Solo toker? Charitable sharing stoner?

I toke a lone a lot more than with people, but thats due to my lack of transportation.

Craziest place you have toked?

Behind a police station hahaha, I've smoked at work too and also at Pinnacle Peak and the highest peak in NC on the Blue Ridge Parkway. On top of a car too haha. I have pictures I'll add later.

I'll probably reply to myself soon.

Joined: 8th Jun 2012
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2nd Sep 2012

Fuck, what a bunch of squares. Not one hit on the 420 board. I'm disappointed :[

Joined: 10th Jul 2012
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16th Sep 2012

Sorry im not a smoker....but hey i support legalization of marijuana and its potential medical uses!....Id like to use it in compounding or something one day.

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