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The M-Style
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Joined: 8th Jun 2012
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9th Jun 2012

Quote"Monk style" is the idea of canceling the delays in between moves to command. Slash, Block, Flip and Dash wile wielding a sword at hand.

Just in case some of you are wondering the techniques. There 4 major techniques and more within M-style/DivineGates based on animal style and its not a myth.

Dragon = Consists on Numbers of Slash Blocks per seconds endlessly wile canceling delays in jumps very effective offense.

Tortoise = Numbers of blocks per second more means better defense check your replays to see how much you animation lock more the better if you master it you can even blocks lawnmower.

Tiger= Fastest Offense wile silent dashing in jump dash slash block stance, also if you're performing aerial Tiger in mid air to test your limit try to animation lock as much as possible.

Phoenix = has two stances at ground without jumps. For stance one, You have to do 1 slash and 1 block cancel slash animation soon as it ends with block, stance two quick double slash like phantom and block if you're also using this move wile moving and focusing on variety's of angles your opponent tends to freeze in it and will be unable to move, this move is very useful and effective.

So who here believes that these moves exist, and who believes it's all just a bunch of bullshit the Muan clan made up to get popular? I know a couple MStyle moves can be done, but I think most of them are just made up. Who knows, I'll try these and fail and go about my life.

Joined: 20th Jun 2012
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22nd Jun 2012

Considering the fact that K-Style is the sword-style, and D-Style is Dagger Style, there really is no such thing as M-Style.

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Joined: 9th Jun 2012
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22nd Jun 2012

Monkey ninja style? dohh

Joined: 9th Jun 2012
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28th Jun 2012

The moves of "M-style" exist, but is it really worth calling a different style than K-style? It's more like an advanced form of it, like tbf (dragon gate looks incredibly hard like static tbf, I honestly see no difference at all...)

Btw what moves do you think are made up (the only ones I'm aware of are the four gates)
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