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Welcome to our new clan website, Grinders!

Xylo here, you're lovely leader, trying to bring you more than a normal clan would! I made this site so we could further connect with each other, as well as a place where members can see Announcements on what's going on in the clan, Clan Events (YES, PRIZES TOO!), and we can finally create a clan war roster! Use the Forums to read about all these!

Since the site is new, we'll most likely be running with things, and there maybe be glitches here and there, but bare with us. I hope you guys take advantage of what I'm trying to give you!

I love you, Xylo
P.S. not sexually
P.S.S. unless you're a female
P.S.S.S and of the age 18 or older

P.S.S.S. Xylo is a pedo so you don't have to be 18, greetings Yoshi
Raidcall Server
9th Jun 2012 · Xylo · 3 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello Grinders! Xylo here.

I just wanted to smack you across the face for a second. WHAM! Get Raidcall!

Sorry, but I've been trying to get you guys to get this tiny voice/text chat program with VERY LOW LATENCY (won't lag your GunZ, or anything else for that matter) and talk with your fellow clan members! If you don't have a mic, that's okay! That's why there's a TEXT CHAT option.

Here's how to get it:

Go to www.raidcall.com
Click the DOWNLOAD button on the right side
Open it
If a security warning pops up click Allow or Unblock (Windows is very paranoid)
Once it installs, follow the directions to register (It takes 5 seconds, no exaggeration, and doesn't require personal info)
Once logged in and all ready to go, search the group ID 1531584

I'm usually always on, but no always there. Leave a message in the text box and I'll know you did it! Admins in the clan will become mods here, and can create their own channel! So get going Grinders! Go! STOP LOOKING AT THIS AND GOOOOOOOOOOO!

Love, Xylo
(but not intimately)
[unless you want]
{and I want too}

Clan Website up and running
9th Jun 2012 · Xylo · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Well, it's obvious now, but we have a clan site. Welcome!

Please register with your IGN in game (Please! that way I know who you are!). All admins will be considered for Moderators, and all Co-Leaders (you know who you are) will be Administrators along with me (Xylo).

Welcome to our new website!
8th Jun 2012 · Xylo · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Thanks for making a new clan website.

Please visit our support forums if you need help.

(Please remove this news post in the news section of your admin panel)

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